One of the strengths of the MSP Community is the willingness of MSP owners and leaders to be transparent, helpful, and willing to share experiences. Because of the distinctive nature of managed services, having trusted colleagues willing to discuss challenges and share tested solutions can mean the difference between getting by and truly flourishing. 

Peer groups with a keen focus on building excellence within our industry come in many forms. The Build IT U peer group mission is all about education—paired with interactive, engaging forums for MSP leaders to deepen expertise with peer advice and a shared focus on innovation. Build IT Peers will revolve around monthly group calls, enhanced by live classroom learning, virtual CIO advice, quarterly 1:1 coaching calls with industry experts, and access to the full breadth of collateral and resources on Build IT U. 

We are currently building our peer groups. As we fill available seats—which are limited—we will launch additional groups. All peer groups are guided by experienced facilitators to guarantee efficient, effective structure. 

If you’d like to join us, please complete the short form below, and our team will connect with you.